Commit 8d809080 authored by PhiBo's avatar PhiBo 🚀
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New function to get hostname or default

parent 70c8be1c
......@@ -20,6 +20,18 @@ uint8_t getAPIHostname(char *hostname, uint8_t max_len)
return readEEPROM_string(NODE_EEPROM_API_HOSTNAME_OFFSET, hostname, max_len);
uint8_t getAPIHostnameOrDefault(char *hostname, uint8_t max_len)
uint8_t len;
char default_hostname[] = NODE_API_DEFAULT_HOSTNAME;
len = getAPIHostname(hostname, max_len);
if(len > 0) {
return len;
strncpy(hostname, default_hostname, max_len);
return strlen(hostname);
uint16_t getAPIPort()
uint16_t port;
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